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Foot Balsam (Fussbalsam) More than a balsam for the legs! Spoil your feet, because on average they have to walk 160,000 kilometres per year! Foot Balsam Royal soothes your feet like nothing else.

The ingredients in Foot Balsam Royal have been carefully blended to care for the legs. Pure beeswax, cold pressed almond, soya, avocado and jojoba oils, as well as pure essential lavender, sage, muscatel sage and tea tree oils induce perfect footcare combined with soothing relaxation. It is therefore especially recommended for varicose veins, inflammation of the veins, circulation disorders, heavy, worn out, aching and swollen legs, as well as for oedemas and connective tissue disorders. Ideally Foot Balsam Royal should not be massaged in, but should rather be applied gently and left to soak in. The fresh fragrance immediately yields new energy and invigorates the senses, as approximately 72,000 nerve tracts end in the feet. Foot Balsam Royal refreshes, regulates perspiration and thus prevents bad odours, activates the reflex zones and makes the skin soft and smooth.
Capacity: 30ml