China Balsam
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China Balsam Royal A "must" for every natural medicine chest! China Balsam Royal provides rapid relief for tiredness, headaches, colds and much more.

Naturally, China Balsam Royal can't spare you a visit to your doctor if you are really ill, but it works fast and reliably when used prophylactically and in cases of small aches and pains. Pure beeswax and vegetable jojoba oil form the basis of this highly effective natural product. Pure essential oils such as peppermint, patchouli, niaouli, lavender, rosewood and muscatel sage have a refreshing and cooling effect. Simply rub China Balsam Royal into the nape of the neck and onto the forehead when discomfort or a cold approaches. After only a few minutes you can feel the soothing effect and you are able to breathe again. Adults may also apply China Balsam Royal to the chest and the back; for children under 3 we recommend Tea Tree Balsam Royal (Teebaumbalsam Royal).
Capacity: 30ml