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ROYAL PLUS Through this specially developed supplementary food, you can supply your body with those specific minerals and trace elements which break down hyperacidity.

ROYAL PLUS releases the acid metabolic waste products stored up in the body and stimulates their excretion. ROYAL PLUS provides our organism with alkaline minerals and trace elements, thus ensuring optimum deacidification. It neutralises connective tissue acidity, stimulates excretion of acids stored in the cells as well as elasticity of the connective tissue, fills empty base stores, and contains adequate balanced amounts of alkaline nutrients. The special ingredients and the way in which our supplementary food has been developed, based on organically cultivated green tea (Oolong), mean that the name “ROYAL PLUS” is richly deserved. For, as well as having the overall effect of generally deacidifying the body, ROYAL PLUS also restores the calcium-magnesium balance and is effective in cases of over-stress. On top of this, the natural camomile and lime extract it contains produces a relaxing effect. One very important point is the two basic elements - green tea combined with calcium ascorbate - which have an overall positive systemic effect. They help to boost the immune system, so that colds disappear after just a short time, usually never to return! In addition to magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, phosphate and vitamins B2 and B6, a daily ration of ROYAL PLUS contains a mega dose of vitamins. For the most important prerequisite of lasting health that continues well into old age is not only continuous deacidification, but a really adequate supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C is the element which the body needs to keep the walls of the blood vessels flexible. Not for nothing do we say “You’re as old as your vessels!” Linus Pauling, twice Nobel Prize winner, has made research into vitamin C’s many and varied effects his life’s work, and has shown that it is indispensable for maintaining the body’s health. Your body can keep itself healthy if you give it what it needs. However, it relies upon your help to do this. With ROYAL PLUS you are giving your body what it needs so that you can enjoy good health up to a ripe old age.
Capacity: 400g