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CBD FaceCare Cream enriches your skin with intensive care.

The revolutionary formula with naturally pure ingredients is absorbed immediately after application with the skin and cares for face and body particularly intensively. The unique texture is absorbed quickly and is not greasy. After applying the cream, your skin feels wonderfully smooth and supple. A cultivated feeling that lasts for a long time. CBD FaceCare Cream has a pleasant fragrance and is suitable for young and old as well as all skin types. CBD FaceCare Cream smooths, hydrates, tightens and restores elasticity. It invigorates the skin, making it radiant and combats cell ageing by suppressing and deactivating the effects of harmful free radicals. The formula for CBD FaceCare Cream is completely unique. Every single active ingredient has been selected for its special benefit for the skin and has been dermatologically tested and approved. The liposomal structure of CBD FaceCare Cream allows an optimal transport of the active ingredients, in particular CBD, deep into the skin and into the cells. The skin is optimally hydrated and protected by valuable oils and CBD. The CBD used in the products is free of chemical fertilizers or growth hormones. The special feature of CBD FaceCare Cream is clearly cannabidiol as an ingredient. The hemp plant has been known for its healing properties for centuries. In the meantime, corresponding studies have also been carried out confirming the effectiveness of the drug. CBD FaceCare Cream has the ability to regulate the skin’s moisture balance, reduce wrinkles and renew cells.
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Capacity: 30ml