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90114; 20 ml Is tea-tree oil an authentic panacea? In the clear colourless to slightly yellowish liquid distilled from the leaves of the Australian tea tree (botanically: Melaleuca alternifolia), scientists have discovered over 50 organic compounds present in different high quantities. One might well ask oneself what place there is in the world today, where powerful and highly specific weapons such as antibiotics, fungal and viral agents are available, for a substance like tea-tree oil? Effective though all these drugs are, unfortunately they frequently have side-effects and these are sometimes so serious that, for many patients, their use must be discontinued. The main factors here are allergic reactions in the patient, and disease organisms’ resistance to antibiotics. Even today there are numerous studies which favour applying tea-tree oil externally against viruses, bacteria and fungi, since the essential oil penetrates the skin well and thus can also tackle deeper-seated focuses of infection. Inhalation and mouth-washes are also possible. You are advised not to take tea-tree oil internally, however.
Capacity: 20ml