Dear customer of TEPCO Manufactory!

Thank you for your interest in TEPCO Manufactory. We would like to greet you with a warm "All the best for your health". This greeting is more than just a formula for us, it also expresses the high quality standard of TEPCO.

TEPCO focuses upon the individual.Man as an open system that is in exchange with nature and with all other forms of life. He breathes air, drinks water, eats food and takes in information through his senses. These absorbed substances are then processed and excreted as part of the metabolic process.

With its product range, TEPCO tries to strengthen self-regulation in such a way that people find their balance and center by themselves.

The goal of TEPCO is to develop easy-to-use basic products with all the important ingredients for more vitality and health and to make them accessible to everyone.

TEPCO remains true to this principle in the field of "intellectual nourishment".

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