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Tepperwein’s Oil Cure Stock No.: 99099 From time immemorial, shamans in the Siberian taiga have been cleansing the body with an oil cure. This completely harmless but nevertheless highly effective treatment largely rids the body of germs and waste products through the oral mucous membrane. Initially these remarkable results cause amazement and doubt, because the means is so simple but the effect all the more astonishing, as anyone can find out for himself in his own body. The results of this entirely harmless method of biological self-healing are simply unparalleled and enable the most diverse illnesses, in which otherwise powerful medicines with damaging side-effects or even surgery would have been necessary, to be completely cured. The advantage of this method lies in its simplicity of use. You take 1 dessertspoonful of this oil and simply suck it for 10 to 15 minutes through your teeth as you would water when cleaning your teeth. Thanks to the incredible relieving effect on the body everyone lives for a distinctly larger proportion of his potential lifespan. How many years this simple procedure gives you has not yet been investigated scientifically but, above all, they are healthy years. The process starts immediately throughout the body and is sustained as long as the treatment is continued. There is no reason not to perform this treatment constantly, since it is so simple and inexpensive and takes so little time. After 10 to 15 minutes the oil turns very white and must on no account be swallowed. After spitting it out you should rinse your mouth out several times and brush your teeth with a toothbrush. By adding special active substances we have succeeded in significantly increasing this treatment’s effectiveness. This treatment may prove to be a panacea indispensable to all. This treatment can be safely applied several times a day. It is in fact the body itself which works this miracle: for, after all, 1 spoonful of oil is no curative medicine. This shows again the importance of Paracelsus’ dictum: “Let your food be your medicine”.
Capacity: 200ml