Swiss Vital Water
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SWISS VITAL WATER is a special preparation of naturally occurring minerals in the form of an easy-to-dose powder.

grams dissolved in 1 litre of tap water is enough to cover the daily need for calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, iron and zinc to 25 percent. The drink is similar to a natural mineral water, so in the ideal, almost neutral area. Simple tap water is upgraded and made a fountain of youth for life. What are the additional special mechanisms and the properties of SWISS VITAL WATER? The finished drink contains the above mentioned dissolved minerals in their ionic form, which represents the only form which is available to the body. The mineral form would be insoluble in water without the particular composition of SWISS VITAL WATER. How do I use SWISS VITAL WATER? The best way is to use a clean jug or glass bottle with a litre capacity. Fill it with tap water, add 10 g of powder and stir the liquid (if possible with the ACTIVATOR* of the TC-INT). This results in a particularly tasty drink like mineral water containing a small amount of natural carbonic acid which is bound in ions. This gives the drink also a certain liveliness, but without burdening. The content is sufficient for at least 50 litres of the best mineral water!
Capacity: 600g